In today’s world, the art of writing has somewhat become a distant memory. Digital media is such a staple in communication, from the internet, images, texting and emails, information is sent at the simple push of a button and even the effortless tap of a screen. Montblanc keeps the tradition and joys of writing alive. From watches to jewelry and writing instruments, the German company is known to exude a certain aesthetic and class.

Mont Blanc 2

The Meisterstück Pen has become the cornerstone model for the German brand. Fountain pens are a beautiful writing instrument. Typing out a text or email doesn’t compare to the feeling of writing smoothly and continuously on a pad of paper for a quick note or writing a letter to a loved one. The Meisterstück 90 Years Skeleton 149 Fountain Pen does just that, while celebrating 90 Years of Montblanc history.

Mont Blanc 1

The beautiful design of the Montblanc Meisterstück 90 Years Skeleton 149 Fountain Pen, is inspired by their first Skeleton Pen from 1999. The highly-detailed, hand-crafted design has a ruthenium-plated finish, and an 18 K red gold nib with a special 90 years design.

If you’re one to appreciate the traditions of a quality writing utensil, this piece is a must-have to your collection.