I know some of you Ferrvor men are on top of it and have your future Mo’s growing in. Wait! What’s a “Mo?”

A mustache. A stache. And in this case, it’s a mo! On November 1st, the movement officially kicked off with The Movember Foundation. At the beginning of the month, men participating in support of mens health, started off with a clean shaven face, and for the rest of the month, each “Mo Bro” must keep the mo groomed and growing.

So what’s the deal with growing the mo? Well, for one, we all know a great mo leads to some creative and interesting conversations. In this case, it leads to something bigger; awareness, education and empowerment for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. As we know the more educated and knowledgeable about our health, the more proactive we can be leading a healthier and positive lifestyle, as well as sharing the knowledge with others.

Movember 7in

For those fashionisto’s, New York-based designer, Todd Snyder, has created limited edition tees in support of Movember. Each sale contributes to supporting men’s health and awareness. Grow a mo and grab a tee!

It is definitely not too late. You can still be a part of the movement, and support men’s health. Be a Mo Bro and a Mo Sista today!

Supplemental Images via The Movember Movement