Garrett Borns, aka BØRNS has just released a four track EP, Candy, which will have you traveling back to the 80’s. Combining modern-day synths, groovy basslines, anthemic vocals and 80s lyrics, Børns hopes to grab your attention.

Børns releases his first EP on Virgin Records, with the lead single being “10,000 Emerald Pools,” which is one of our favorites. Imagine the lyrics and vocals of The Bee Gees, and Earth Wind and Fire combined with the modern synths of Passion Pit and MGMT. Have a listen for yourself.

The EP is only four songs and so here’s a preview each track for you.

“Electric Love:” The percussion opens this song, resembling that of a march. Garrett’s vocals layers over one another, creating a DIY reverb sound. He doesn’t abuse this technique, only using it during the chorus, making it have more of a significance when it comes in. By the end of the song you’ll know the words and be singing along in no time!

“10,000 Emerald Pools:” Here is our favorite song on the EP. This is in our opinion, the best composed track on the album. It has the most full sound to it, with the drums not overbearing in the mix, letting the guitar and bass shine through the mix. Remember how in “Electric Love” Garrett creates that DIY reverb on his vocals? Well his does it again here, and continues to cook up the perfect recipe for it. We love the switch form electric to acoustic guitar throughout the song, changing alongside the mood.

“Past Lives:” Lyrically this song beats out the rest of the EP. Garrett’s vocals are stripped down throughout the song, showing his honesty and transparency with his love he’s singing about. The synths, percussion, and overall production, the syncopation of the vocals in the chorus, especially the end of it, gives this song an 80s vibe.

“Seeing Stars:” This is our second favorite song on the EP. Garrett starts the track with bright synths, followed by falsetto vocals. A classic love ballad stating, “You got me learning to fly, got me higher than a kite and I’ve been painting the sky,” which is our favorite line in this song. You can’t help yourself but to smile and dance a little when hearing this song.

BØRNS delivers his debut EP to the world, showing off his unique sound of modern electronic synths, with flashes from the 80s throughout the EP. Check him out for yourself, and let us know which track you love!