At Ferrvor, we obviously love cool gizmo’s, gadgets and cars and aim to provide you with a continuous supply of them. Not to let you down, we’d like to introduce you to one of the coolest & likely fastest bicycle’s you’ll ever own. The N-Cycle. Straight out of the future, the N-Cycles DNA had been well thought out before it was brought to life. This electronic e-bike or ‘ncycle‘ first debuted at the 2014 eurobike show in Germany and has some truly phenomenal features like integrated locking, folding and pocket systems built into it’s ultra aerodynamic shape.


This land, almost space-like vehicle, with it’s gorgeous continuously flowing frame has only the absolute necessary ingredients to make it nothing less then spectacular.

Starting with the handle bars, themselves having their own lock function, so no more carrying around a lock, just find a pole and you’re in good shape. And that’s not all folks, the handle bars also double as your stereo with built in speakers and headlights.


For convenience, this Back to the Future electronic bicycle also features something called, npocket which is a simple, retractable pocket, or pouch between the two metal plates of the frame that completely disappears when not in use. When it is filled with personal items like books, glasses and or something else, only the bottom shows.

Another technology is the n-fold which allows this velocipede to be folded in two seconds all thanks to how it splits in half at a location between the seat and the pocket which is great for easy storage and or traveling with it.

The rectangle nlock can be rotated up to 360° to be adjusted for different riding positions.

The n-power electric drive aids the rider by adding force to the rear wheel. The lithium battery is built in and supplies ample power to the wireless front speakers, lights, the holographic display and charges your smartphone.

The screen is perfectly situated up front near the handle bars for easy viewing and as would be expected, can show apps from your docked smartphone.

However you slice it, the N-Cycle is damn cool and sure to be a game changer in the way we travel around our local environments.