navdy 2

You’re on your way to your business meeting, juggling the usual deluge of emails, texts and sipping on your morning cup of joe, you’re pretty much maxed and with no texting laws in place, you don’t want to be pulled over and more importantly, hurt someone or yourself from distractions. Worry no more, the Navdy, allows you to take care of  all of that and more without the worry.

With a 5.1” Head-Up Display, high quality projection, touchless gestures, bluetooth capabilities, Navdy is something out of the future. It’s a portable navigation device you can place on your dash that’s transparent, so you can see the road in front of you without all the bulky mess blocking your sight, but that’s not even grazing the surface. Navdy’s touchless gesture is allows you to go hands free on your phone screen to answer calls, deny texts or see notifications. With voice recognition you can compose new tweets, write texts and make calls. You’re want some tunes? Navdy has you covered. Sync up your music apps and you’re good to go.

navdy 1

Navdy is a device that is definitely giving us a taste of the future with its functionality and cool tech display. Count us in!

Story By: David Sim
Images By: Navdy