Japanese design studio Nendo is known for is sleek design work. Adding to their collection is a mini-emergency kit. Considering Japans recent bout with earthquakes and various disasters, Nendo’s MINIM+AID emergency preparedness kit was initially designed for those affected by earthquakes.

 Story By: Chris Keith
Images By: Kenichi Sonehara via Nendo

That being said, almost any disaster laden person could use the MINIM+AID kit as it’s unlike the typical conventional emergency preparedness kits in that it is more versatile and contains a plethora of essentials for any emergency including an emergency whistle  for attracting attention, radio, raincoat, lantern, water container, a foam insert in the lid of the waterproof case, which has a diameter of just five centimetres and is light enough to be buoyant and multipurpose case in a slender tube.


Use the rotating handle for hand-charging the radio and or USB port for charging other devices such as a mobile phone or the kit’s lantern. As additional back-up, the lantern features a rechargeable battery and LED light source with a concertinaed plastic diffuser.

Did we mention it holds drinking water as well? There’s a foil pouch inside another of the tubes holds the water and in emergency’s, the tube can also be used as a drinking vessel if required.


A simple hooded anorak is contained within one of the longer tubes, while a small hinged plastic case can be used to hold medicines, first-aid supplies, sanitary products, batteries or any other items the user deems necessary.

MINIM+AID emergency preparedness kit was smartly designed and is tiny enough to rest in an umbrella stand and or there is a removable carrying strap that can be used to hang it in a closet.

The outer case is available in either black, silver or white and individual cases for the tools can be specified in one of those three colors.

The kit will be released through Sugita Ace in June 2016.