Australian-born sisters, Miriam and Olivia Nervo, just treated us with their newest album Collateral, which will be sure to have to dancing to its beat.


Songwriters first, the sisters have finally had a moment to shine themselves, rather than flourish behind the scenes where not many people would recognize them. Miriam and Olivia had chances to write for Ashley Tisdale, The Pussycat Dolls, and Ke$ha, but now look to make a name for themselves as one of EDMs newest duos.

With their debut album, Collateral, the duo was able to establish a unique sound in todays ever so cluttered electronic scene. Something the duo is fond of doing is taking small sentences or phrases in which they build the song around, such as on “Haute Mess,” “Hey Ricky,” (which features Kreayshawn on the vocal samples) and ” Rainham Road.”

We’ll take a quick look at each some of the standout songs for you, and then let you have a listen for yourself:

“Bulletproof” ft. Harrison Miya

Harrison Miya’s vocals create a mysterious mood for the song being paired with eerie yet bright synths brought to us by Miriam and Olivia. Crisp vocals and production hint at this song being a killer live performance, and most likely what the duo what start their sets with in the future.

“Hold On”

Following “Bulletproof” was going to be a hard task but the duo did a nice job with “Hold On.” Focusing more on synths and their modulations, than vocals was a nice change of pace. The female vocals are a complete 180 degree twist from what we had with Harrison’s in the first, and in this song they aren’t the focus of the song, which says a lot about the production ability of the sisters.

nervo 2

“Haute Mess”

Even though this is one of our least favorites (maybe our least favorite) it’s still a standout song on the album. A complete different song as the prior, this is one of the few that sample a vocal phrase, and we had a difficult time enjoying it with our headphones. We do think this song will be a hit live though, as the simple vocals lead up and create a ncie buildup before the drop kicks in, and seeing this live would make the crowd go wild.

“Let It Go” ft. Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero and NERVO sisters worked together a few years ago on “Like Home,” and are reunited with their newest collab. “Let It Go,” is one of our favorites on the album and slightly reminds us of Diplo and MØ’s “Lean On.” The production has a little reggae and dancehall influence to it, when paired with killer vocals will find its way to the top of the charts, and to every bar and club around town.

“The Other Boys” ft. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears, and Nile Rogers

For being maybe the strongest features on the album, “The Other Boys” was disappointing from what it could’ve been. Yes, it is a good track, but whenever Niles Rogers is listed as a feature on a track, we expect greatness, and a potential number 1 song, which this isn’t going to top the charts. Kylie Minogue’s vocals pair extremely well with the production style behind NERVO and we hope both parties stay in touch and continue to work together.

nervo 3

“Right Thru Me” ft. JPark

JPark starts off this song with his vocals, and instantly our moods were uplifted. Almost within the first seconds of this song, it was our favorite from the album. It reminds us a lot of “Ten Feet Tall,” by Afrojack, who is actually featured on the next track. “Right Thru Me,” will most likely be the second or third single from this album, and will be heard all over the radio.

“It Feels”

To close the album, “It Feels,” brings out the inner dancer of all of us. Reminiscent of KASKADE in the early 2000s, NERVO brings us an excellent dance track that will soon enough be remixed by every Soundcloud DJ out there.

On our first listen we were a little hesitant as the album started out, but as it progressed our it continued to peak our interest. Out of the songs we thought of as standouts, majority are on the second half of the album. Even though the songs with the sampled vocals (“Haute Mess,” “Hey Ricky,” or “Rainham Road”) weren’t our favorites, we think they will be perfect in a live setting, as it’ll engage the audience more during the build until the drop of each song comes into play. Being able to control the audience with songs like those 3, but then being able to have them dancing uncontrollably to pretty much the entire album, NERVO should have a killer show once they announce their tour dates for this album, and would be a must see live.

Story By: Jay Campbell
Media By: Nervo