Adam Alexander, aka Demo Taped, released his 3 song EP, Heart on Valentine’s Day 2015. Check it out below.

Adam wrote and dedicated his new Heart EP for a special someone, who remains unidentified, but he was kind enough to release it to the world. The EP features three songs, “Cozy,” “Your Touch,” and “I Luv U.” Each track is a little different from one another, showing off the many skills Adam has as a musician. The most similar feature among the three tracks are Adam’s stunning vocals. They compliment his use of bright, and poppy synths, and electrifying guitar riffs. His vocals would sound perfect alongside a Daft Punk production, so if you guys are out there reading this, definitely reach out to him.

Our favorite song off his EP would definitely be “Cozy.” It starts off with an eerie intro, and we weren’t sure what we were going to hear from him. An underlying bass line comes in, matched with dreamy vocals. Soon enough, the most unexpected sounds surround us, including audio sounding as if it was taken from 90s video games. “Cozy” is a playful yet intimate creation, most likely the way he sees his relationship with the girl he wrote this for.

Check out the entire EP on his Bandcamp page.