Luis Dubac, aka Mystery Skulls, gives the world a fresh take on 80s pop. His new album, Forever, released on, October 27 is taking the world by storm.

In a niche genre like 80s music, recreating the pop and disco sound from that era is not an easy feat, but, not for Dubac. He teamed up with 80s hit-making connoisseur, Nile Rodgers, as well as pop singer Brandy on two songs, both standouts on the album that each make you just want to get on the floor and dance.

The first song, “Number 1” reminds me a lot of songs written for the Jackson 5, whom Rodgers, coincidentally opened for back in the 70s. The production between the two of them is pure gold, and we hope they continue to work together in the future. Brandy’s vocals reminded us of the great pop hooks of the 90s, whether it be for Biggie or Madonna. This song is a recreation of the past, and he does it justice.

The trio joins forces again on the next single “Magic,” where Brandy’s vocals are electrifying. The bass line drives the song, which is mixed underneath is a beautiful collection of strings. If Nile Rodgers and Luis Dubac continue this musical relationship, the world should be excited. They feed off each other and bring out each others best. We can only imagine the hits they could roll out in the future.

Listen to the new Mystery Skulls album, Forever, here.