New Balance heads in a new direction with new customizable kicks. The brand has been known for sometime as being the comfortable shoes that our parents wore.  As Ryan Gosling aptly said in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love “unless you’re in a fraternity or the billionaire owner of Apple computers, Steve Jobs, you’ve got no reason to wear New Balance sneakers, ever.” That stereotype is starting to change with some cool new styles they have, especially the new shoe customization features. A person can use any style and customize each part of the shoe to whatever color or style they want. They’re becoming a fashionably-sporty trend with the younger generation of people wearing them.










Ferrvor customized our own version for Fall 2014 with Maroon suede, Navy mesh underlay, and a hint of a dark teal on the New Balance logo.

Story By: Veronica Williams
Images By: New Balance