What….is…that? Is truly the appropriate response when taking in the Nike Swoosh Hunter for the first time. Choosing to go for a loud design, rather than colorway’s, with its Jeremy Scott-esque strap, the swoosh hunter is reminiscent of the mocked Nikes we have seen in the past, like the cut rate version of The Nike Air Huarache 2k4, which had an almost identical make-up but without the name, zoom air unit, or price, pretty much nothing else.

Story By: Kingsley Pascal
Images By: Nike

This sneaker seems like it was built knowing that kids would flaunt them, while simultaneously flashing around on a hoverboard. This is fitting, because neither the self–tying Mag’s from Back to the Future: Part II, nor the actual hover boards, though there have been whispers of both being retail ready one. So far only images of all white and all black Swoosh Hunter models have surfaced, but knowing Nike’s affinity for bright and sparkly things, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these got the “galaxy” treatment or something of the like.


It’ll be interesting to see how people react to this laceless shoe that with its minimalist design and high price tag, which nearly epitomizes much of what fashion has become over the last couple years.

If you’re into owning a pair, they go on sale Saturday February 6th with a $280 price tag.