Not all twins are alike. In fact, twin sisters Niki and Gabi have been building an online empire based on the very concept of being different from one another, despite being born to the same parents just minutes apart. Perhaps calling it an empire is an understatement, their joint YouTube channel reaches well over 6.3 million subscribers while their respective Instagram followings reach about 2.5 million each.

Niki and Gabi’s YouTube channel gives us lots of reasons to jump on the Niki and Gabi bandwagon: makeup and fashion tips, lifestyle videos, comedy, and now original music. The sisters have even released an EP along with several singles and taken that music on tour.

Written by Jason Bowers

Photographer: Kaleb Khu  
Stylist: Apuje Kalu  Styling Assistant: Brandon Gray
Makeup Artist: Bridget O’Donnell
Hair Stylist: Jaime Edenilson Diaz

Despite hearing their music on the radio, having breakfast with a first lady, and being nominated for awards, Niki and Gabi still have plenty more to do in their careers, especially if it means it’s helping people get through a tough time… or helping them continue to have a fun time.

Normally fans come to them for advice (we asked for it, too), but now it’s time to find out who Niki and Gabi turn to when they need words of wisdom in our Ferrvor exclusive interview.

Ferrvor Niki DeMartino Gabi DeMartino Beauty Youtuber Singer youtuber Makeup Artist

You refer to yourselves as the opposite twins because of your diverging styles, but there must be ways in which your personalities are very much alike. What personality traits do you have in common that might surprise people? 

Niki: We have the same music taste and sense of humor!

Gabi: We share a similar sense of humor. We always tag each other on those funny “tag a friend” posts on Facebook. Nobody else gets our humor but us!

Your YouTube channel really blew up once you started answering questions about your makeup and fashion choices. But we all know internet comments sections aren’t exactly safe spaces, so how do you sort through to find the real love and feedback amid the haters? 

N: You can’t look for validation from comments in general. If you let the good comments give you your only source of confidence, then you’ll let the hate define you. You have to live your life as if people are commenting on how you live it 24/7.

G: It’s not really about sorting through, it’s about what you choose to pay attention to and how you let it affect you. I know a kind comment when I see it.  I’ll know right away before reading the entire comment if it’s going to be a kind or hateful one. If I’m getting hate vibes with the first sentence I won’t finish the rest of it.

The makeup and fashion tips you give are largely for your female fans, but since this is Ferrvor, we’d love to get some advice for the guys. What are one or two essentials that every guy should have in his wardrobe? 

N: Every guy should have a basic plain white tee to wear with denim, under jackets, and to layer with! Plus white tees are sexy. Lol

G: Definitely a beanie! I know it could be sort of childish to some men, but it’s sexy in a nerdy way regardless of their age!

You also seem to get asked a lot for general life advice. Who has given you the best advice, and what were his/her words of wisdom? 

N: My boyfriend has actually given me the best advice.

“It’s never a good time for change.”

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

“Sometimes when you have everything it can make you feel like you have nothing, just because you’re too used to the good.”

G: My friend Rachel once told me “What would Gaboobie do?” and “Gaboobie” is the nickname I was given years ago by my friends. Sometimes when you’re in the spotlight it’s hard to stay true to yourself, and well, in other words; her advice is easily stating “What would the Gabi I know do?” And to this day, it keeps me who I was from the start!

Ferrvor Niki DeMartino Gabi DeMartino Beauty Youtuber Singer youtuber Makeup Artist

What is the best or coolest thing that you’ve been able to accomplish with your influence? 

N: The coolest thing has been being able to make music people can relate too. Knowing a track that Gabi and I have released is getting someone through a tough time, or it’s their going out / fun anthem is the best feeling. I love being able to be a part of my viewer’s lives!

G: I was invited to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, had breakfast with Michelle Obama, and was a Teen Choice Award nominee! I’d say those were pretty cool haha!

You’ve been moving more into music, having already released the singles “First” and “RU,” and now you’ve released your first EP. What can everyone expect from the EP? 

N: It’s an EP written by girls for girls. The team behind the EP is all female, and we all know what each other wants and the message we want to get across. As far as what the songs are about and the sound the songs have, you’ll have to listen!

G: The fine medium of such opposite twins is the universal love we have for the same genre of music. Very retro… can’t say anymore!

You performed as part of the “Fullscreen Live Presents: Girls Night In” tour. What was the biggest shock or surprise about performing your music for paying fans? 

N: The biggest surprise was seeing the audience know the words to our original music! On the GNI tour we had only released one single, so to see the audience know every word to that one single meant a lot and was definitely surreal.

G: They knew all of the words to our only original song at the time!

Beyond each other, you also have an older sister and younger brother. How do they deal with you both getting so much attention? 

N: Our older sister likes to do her own thing acting-wise, and our younger brother is no way into the arts like us. He’s a division 1 wrestler pulling a 3.6 GPA at Duke. Haha.

G: Our older sister loves to collaborate with us and always asks for advice because she’s also trying to get into acting as well. Our younger brother loves using it to help him with the ladies haha!

Last year, some of your fans were posting on social media that they dressed up as the both of you for Halloween, which must be surreal. What other favorite surreal moments have happened in your careers? 

N: Hearing our song “R U” play on Sirius XM satellite radio in the car!

G: Meeting fans who cry instantly upon meeting us. I never ever understand why that happens but it’s truly heartwarming to experience and to know I’ve touched them in that way.

Has there ever been an idea for a video that one of you has pitched to the other that was just met with crickets and a blank stare? 

N & G: Nope

Ferrvor Niki DeMartino Gabi DeMartino Beauty Youtuber Singer youtuber Makeup Artist

You’ve said that your parents used to ask why you were becoming so antisocial when in reality you were just focusing your energies on making videos for your (then new) YouTube channel. Were there any funny misunderstandings about what they thought you were doing with your time instead? 

N: They thought we were putting out too much of our lives and that it could be dangerous, as any parent would worry about.

G: Our parents would assume I was avoiding people because I had a long-term boyfriend at the time but that wasn’t the case! It was nice to have him there while I was being bullied but that definitely wasn’t why we were antisocial.

You both have an enormous online following, you’re releasing music, and have also been branching out into acting with Niki’s show Freakish (on Hulu) and Gabi’s show Blood Queens (on YouTube). Are there any other projects in the pipeline? 

N: A potential tour with our EP 😉

G:  I’m actually buckling down and working on perfecting my acting so that I’ll be able to be audition for pilot season!

Ferrvor Niki DeMartino Gabi DeMartino Beauty Youtuber Singer youtuber Makeup Artist

What is your idea of a “Gentleman?” 

N: Understanding, patient, good listener.

G: Someone who respects your thoughts and feelings as much as their own! Someone who inspires you with how kind and thoughtful they are.

Broadly, what would you like to accomplish in 2018? 

N: To be more in-the-moment and carefree!

G: To be more proactive with chasing my dreams and accomplishing them!