Nirvana Post

Nirvana’s self-titled collection gets an official re-release date, and is slated to be available for its vinyl and digital release on August 28, 2015. Nirvana, one of the most influential rock bands in history, has sold over 43 million albums worldwide, and will be looking to add to that number, come August 28.

The re-release will make its debut on a 45rpm double LP, freshly pressed on a 200 gram heavy-weight vinyl and packaged in a furnace black gatefold sleeve with liner notes and a digital download card for 96kHz 24-bit HD audio. If you know any Nirvana fans, or music fans in general, this will be a great collector piece to any collection.


Originally released in 2002, Nirvana, features the rare and unreleased studio version of “You Know You’re Right,” which is the last song the band recorded together. As well as this unreleased gem, the album will feature the band’s biggest hits, including: “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come As You Are,” “In Bloom,” “Heart Shaped Box,” and more! Below is the tracklist:

1: You Know You’re Right

2: About a Girl

3: Been a Son

4: Silver

5: Smells Like Teen Spirit

6: Come As You Are

7: Lithium

8: In Bloom

9: Heart-Shaped Box

10: Tennyroyal Tea

11: Rape Me

12: Dumb

13: All Apologies

14: The Man Who Sold The World

The release is coming out about 6 months after the release of Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck came out, giving Nirvana (and all music fans) a look into the life of Kurt Cobain. The documentary archives an in-depth examination of Kurt’s childhood, music career, and untimely death. If you have yet to see the film, check your local theaters (some might still be airing it), HBO has been playing it sporadically, and if you’re 0/2 there, check the Internet for a copy!

It’s original release in 2002, netted 234K copies in its first week, and are more than likely going to surpass that 02 number due to the popularity with the Cobain doc, which brought the band many new fans and listeners. Topping the charts in Australia, 2nd in the UK, and 3rd in the US, Nirvana will soon be ready to double its sales, easily topping the platinum mark once again. Mark your calendars for the 28th of August, and until its release, watch (or rewatch) Montage of Heck which will hold you over until this special packaged album is out.

Written By: Jay Campbell
Media From: Universal Music Group, Nirvana Facebook