Every once In a while, there is a product that comes along and makes you think, why hasn’t this been on my mantle? Well, gentlemen, let us introduce to you the Frank Buchwald, Nixie Machine. This exquisite clock is the icebreaker piece your house has been missing.

Nixie Supp 4

The clock is crafted out of steel, brushed brass and six Nixie bulbs that were crafted and preserved over 6 decades ago.  The limited edition 12 piece, 350 component clock features  a four leg steel and brass base that elegantly compliments the time piece.

The Nixie Clock is powered by a direct drive mechanism and has a GPS receiver allows the bulbs display up to date time and date which can be programmed to smooth cross fade and flip over effects. In addition to the standard alarm clock function that most clocks have, the Nixie Machine includes the night power down mode which will completely power down the Nixie tubes for a certain amount of time to save energy and expand the life of the bulbs.

Nixie Supp 3

The impressive design is second to none. Each time piece is handcrafted exclusively by the German designer Frank Buchwald himself. Buchwald makes up to six pieces a year and each Nixie Machine is number and signed so no two Machines are the same.  The Nixie Machine can be found on the M.A.D Gallery website.