It’s that time of year again, the holidays are upon us. We gather around from all parts of life to celebrate with our family and friends. But for some, it comes with an unwanted sacrifice having to see the one family member we dread every year. We all have the ‘one’, distant cousin or newly single uncle who seems to always be the topic of conversation, and continues to ramble on about the amount of money he has or doesn’t have and their shitty life. Still, we seem to love the drama and spectacle that is the “asshole” of the family.

So to help you catch the early signs of the prick coming into his own, think of this as our Public Service Announcement.

Here are Ferrvor’s top 5 ways to not dress like an asshole.


1. Wearing a Bluetooth
There is no way you’re constantly on the phone with someone.

bluetooth yeth

2. Vest Over a Tee
Half formal and half casual yet full blown douchbag.


3. Popping Your Collar
Could it be his form of a protective shield… from emotions?


4. Overly Accessorized
Unless you’re a rapper or Mr.T himself, there’s no need for so much bling.

mr t

5. Cologne: Too Much or Too Strong
We all love being able to taste your cologne, and the headache that follows.



Take the time and stop the future “asshole” before he gets worse. Let’s help make the world a safer place. Together, we can make a difference.