Oak Labs Interactive Fitting Room

Local authorities almost closed down this “fitting room of the future,” mistaking it for a room of ill repute, however, to their surprise it was just filled with scantily dressed patrons waiting to try on clothes in a new modern, spaceship-like environment.

Oak Labs has created and launched an interactive Oak Labs Fitting Room, that effectively enhances the shopping experience in retail stores. Complete with Touch-screen mirror technology, the room provides for a unique, immersive shopping experience for those of us that like to be connected as much as humanly possible.

Story By: Christian Keith
Media By: Oak Labs

Oak Labs Interactive Fitting Room

The company behind the fitting room is looking to develop a larger ecosystem of hardware & software for retail spaces, to help connect with their customers in new and exciting ways. The Oak Labs Fitting Room is currently being piloted in retail locations nationwide, including the Ralph Lauren Flagship store in New York. Healey Cypher, CEO and founder of Oak Labs, says, “We are on the cusp of a tectonic change in retail. We will see more change in the next five years than the last 20,”

Oak Labs interactive fitting room

Some of the features of this technology is an intuitive, touchable mirror that replaced the standard mirror and instead synchronizes with inventory, comm and points of sales and includes the ability to:

Set the Mood – Upon first entering the fitting room, shoppers are prompted to select a lighting theme. Lighting is customized to fit each brand’s aesthetic, with endless original options including “Fifth Avenue Daylight”, “East Hampton Sunset,” and “Village Candlelit Dinner”.

Discover and Engage – Items brought into the fitting room are effortlessly detected via RFID reading technology and immediately shown on the touch-screen mirror. Shoppers can view unique item details, request alternate colors or sizes, view stylist recommendations, or request to help from an associate for a more engaging person-to-person experience.

Connect – All requests made by the customer are immediately delivered to a retail associate via their iPad. Sales associates can respond to a shopper’s request with a friendly note that appears on the fitting room mirror (e.g. “On my way!”) alongside their name and photo.  By smoothing the transition from fitting room to checkout with mobile point of sale systems, Oak creates a much more personalized—and pleasant—shopping experience for customers.

 Choose Your Language – Shoppers can translate the experience and communications with sales associates into their native language. Localization is available in a number of languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian.

Send to Mobile – Interested shoppers can send a digital summary of the items in the fitting room to their phone via an SMS text message with an embedded a web-link.

Obviously, this benefits retailers in numerous ways, including the ultimate goal of increasing  sales. Look for this upgraded shopping experience coming soon. And if you’re in New York, make sure you stop by the Fifth Ave store to check out the Oak Labs Fitting Room in-person.