It’s a sensation that lasts only 10 seconds. No, not that, we’re talking Snapchat. Over the past year, Snapchat has become the hoopla for countless Smart Phone users. Why? Well, it’s as simple as taking a picture or video and sharing it with your followers. Pick and choose private snaps to send to people, or simply send it for all your followers to see.

Snapchat isn’t only a server for innumerable winsome selfies, spontaneous videos, and ephemeral updates. It can be utilized to expose moments around the world directly to your phone.


Slide again for the discover section, where you can instantly obtain the latest information from sites such as Yahoo, CNN, People Magazine, or spark your mood with Comedy Central and the Food Network.

Slide right and you’ll automatically be directed to your friends’ list. Some notable Snapchat users include  NPR, The Washington Post, and even celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Fallon, Jared, Leto, James Franco and Adam Levine.The creativity aspect comes from the Snapsterpiece feature.

jared snap

Also, say goodbye to Venmo and other IOU apps. Snapcash was introduced a couple months ago to be used to pay users via chat. During special events, Snapchat will update you with their ‘Live’ section, where you can catch events like Coachella, EDC or Stagecoach. It’ll also take you to cities around the world like Los Angeles, Nashville, Tokyo, London and Paris.

Users have the power to instantly send the Snapchat server their personal feeds and for anyone else to view them. You’re pretty much vicariously attending events, and venturing around other cities around the world through your phone. What better way to let people in on those unexplainable “You Had to Be There” moments other than a quick 8 second video? Snap with us @FerrvorMag