Do you like dreamy hooks, exhilarating guitar riffs, crisp drums, and feeling a tad nostalgic? Well, if you answered yes to any of those, then Olivver the Kid’s new EP, Freak, is for you. It’s only a 5 song EP, but will have you reflecting on life’s many details in no time.

Ferrvor Magazine Olivver the kidd

Olivver the Kid, is the stage name for Bryan Sammis, former drummer of The Neighbourhood. He says it’s a start of something new for him music wise, and Freak is only the start.

The EP opens with the title track, “Freak,” which sounds straight from the 80s. The guitar driven track is mixed perfectly. Olivver’s vocals stand out over everything, with the electric guitar layered underneath, giving the song its unique identity.

The next track “Lucy,” was the first we heard this summer of Olivver’s new music. It was actually remixed by rapper and Olivver’s friend, Skizzy Mars. Whenever we listen to this version its hard not to imagine Skizzy’s contribution, but if you haven’t heard that version, this one will be a treat for you, and will instantly put a smile on your face.

“D.T.R.T.” is a slower, vocal heavy song and the production is unreal. He actually tweeted that he’s been working on this song since he was 17, so its nice to hear the final product. One of his very first ideas turned out to be one of our favorite songs.

Ferrvor Magazine Olivver the Kid 3

After hearing the production on “D.T.R.T.” we thought it would be hard to follow up with something great, well, it wasn’t. “Attica ’71” actually goes one step further and almost tops the production of D.T.R.T. Olivver has many tricks up his sleeve. One is when he puts enough reverb on everything to where it sounds like its in a vacuum, and then right after he let’s everything unravel. It’s outstanding and the change in emotion and passion is phenomenal.

“Not Going Home,” the final track on the EP, takes all of the standout features of the previous songs, and combines them into one. Soft, dreamy vocals start the track, almost feeling it would be a love ballad. But then, the song picks up, the percussion drives the mood from soft and somber to fun and upbeat. The synths come out from underneath the rest of the instrumentation, which helps drive the song. Olivver seems to do it all.

Olivver the Kid’s Freak, is a great start for Bryan Sammis’ solo career, and is available on Spotify now.