When Ferrvor was presented with the opportunity to spend a day shooting Rick Cosnett, we were more than delighted to take on this task. Probably best known for his role as Eddie Thawne in The Flash and as Dr. Wesley Maxfield in The Vampire Diaries, Cosnett’s talented artist pedigree runs deep. His great grandfather was head of the Royal School of Music and he happens to be Hugh Grant’s cousin. Family aside, Cosnett had the acting bug young when he first got his feet wet in theater, eventually progressing to television and film.

R_2Jacket: AllSaints  Shirt: Rag & Bone Pants: Levi’s Bracelets: Topman Boots: Sandro

Cosnett, is a quiet, yet funny and charming well spoken guy with a very unique perspective on the world. Born in Zimbabwe South Africa he eventually migrated to Australia where he studied and attained a BFA in acting at QUT – Queensland University of Technology. That move has proven to be one of apparently many good decisions the talented actor has made, as he has landed a decent number of roles thus far, including most recently a recurring role on ABC’a hit series, Quantico as Elias Harper, a former defense attorney and Miranda Shaw’s analyst, who also happens to be openly gay.

 Photographer: Kaleb Khu
Written By: Christian Burkholder
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Grooming: Michelle Sfarzo
Set Coordinator: Jasmine Sabagquit
Set Assistant: Briana Dorton

Photographed at Bar10 West Hollywood, CA

Cosnett has not only lived in different points around the globe, he continues to pave a nice path for himself as an seasoned actor, which looks to be quite bright.

Our own Christian B, sat down with Rick Cosnett at Bar10 in West Hollywood to learn a little more about him and introduce him to our audience.

Rick, thanks for coming. Being a comic book geek, I have to say I dig your role on The Flash and The Vampire Diaries. How would you describe yourself to others that don’t know you?

I am just really grounded and funny. Seriously though, jokes aside, I suppose I am sensitive and enthusiastic. I have a large capacity for love. Sometimes I am quiet and reserved, but at other times I can be a bit wild and fun. I am a bit strange, but come across as wholesome.

I hear you, strange can be good sometimes. Can you name five things that you would want to put in a time capsule for your future self, say 10 years out?

My youth, my nieces being so young, me on my new show Quantico, the people in my life, and my black and white flip flops.

Let’s talk about your character on Quantico, Elias Harper, who is Miranda Shaw’s analyst and openly gay, what is your approach on playing him?

He is a very authentic character. With that I mean, he is not cliche. I do feel like he is someone who exists in our world today in all his good and his not so good. I am so excited about him because he is fierce and confident, but also very soft at heart.

Do you happen to have any similar traits to Elias Harper?

I feel like Elias may be is an alter ego of mine. I have the beginnings of his traits and I get to pretend to actually be all of them. It is really fun.

R_4Jacket: AllSaints  Shirt: Rag & Bone Pants: Levi’s Bracelets: Topman

A lot of people are not aware that you grew up in Zimbabwe, South Africa. That’s pretty cool, can you share with us one or two of your favorite child hood memories from your early days in Zimbabwe?

There really are so many. We were so lucky and there is also so much that is messed up about all sides of it. Playing with the kids on our farm was something we loved and took for granted. They taught us all their songs, their games and hilarious dances.

Being that you grew up in South Africa, followed by Australia, and now America, I’m sure that you’re more of a worldly guy, do you have favorite country if you could pick one?

I have to say, as most people do, there is something about Africa that gets to my bones. Having said that though, I feel I belong to the whole world and the whole world belongs to all of us. I do not feel particularly patriotic about one nation or country.

Let’s swing over here, what’s your idea of a perfect date?

The date not going to plan and something spontaneous. Maybe even something embarrassing happening and it turning out better than you ever imagined.

You pretty much grew up acting, so not sure if you’ve had time to do much else, but if you could wave a wand, what would you be doing if you were not acting?

I always wanted to do humanitarian work or be a lawyer.

You have some music running through your blood, being that your great grandfather being the head of the Royal School of Music, on that note, what movie score would sum up your life?

Legends of the Fall. I lived most of my teenage years pretending to be in epic films. Mostly to make it through boarding school. Oh dear.

We’re inside a bar shooting this editorial, have to ask, do you have a favorite go to drink?

Gin and Tonic. But secretly Strawberry Milk.

Ha, cool, we won’t tell anyone. Besides acting are there any sports or personal activities you like to engage in during your down time?

I love tennis and watching good stand up comedy. Laughing releases so much stress. Graham Rogers, who I’m working with on Quantico is one of the funniest, smartest people I have met. I cannot actually laugh enough.

R_3Cardigan: Zara Shirt: Sandro Pants: Diesel Shoes: John Varvatos

Ferrvor is about accomplished, driven, fashion forward men. Is there anyone out there that inspires you in the acting world that fits that trifecta?

Johnny Depp. Such an awesome imagination.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

Flying. So I could fulfill my childhood dream, I still dream about it!

What is next up?

Finishing a short film I directed and co-writing a screenplay. I will also be on Quantico for a little while.

Thanks for taking the time to meet with Ferrvor, we enjoyed the shoot. Any last words for our readers before we say good bye?

To have grace, gratitude and most importantly love.


 One Fine Day with Rick Cosnett Behind the Scenes Video:

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