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Any well-versed Ferrvor man is always looking to fill his unquenchable thirst for a good read. Lucky for him, the British fashion designer, Patrick Grant, has put together a collection of some of 21st century’s greatest male influencers. Original Man: The Tautz Compendium of Less Ordinary Gentlemen brings to light the incredible lives of some of history’s most extraordinary men, showcasing over 80 characters that Grant admires and giving a glimpse into their lives without the noise and immediate judgment from the social web.

OG Man Post 3

 By Christophe Rihet from Original Man, Copyright Gestalten 2014


All of the men featured have led very different lives and gone down their own unique paths. Among them, you’ll find great artists like Andy Warhol, musicians like Jimmy Hendrix and civil rights activists like Malcolm X, who have all shaped history, brought inspiration and have impacted many lives.

The pictures and short stories capture the essence of all these men with the ultimate goal, to inspire others to take the occasional walk off the beaten path and try to live a life without fear of what society might think or say about them.

The hardcover will be available November 25, containing 204 color-pages and perfect for your coffee table.