Electronic-pop duo, Passion Pit, returns to our airwaves with their new releases “Lifted Up (1985),” and “When the Sky Hangs.”

It’s been almost two full years without any new music from Passion Pit. When we did get new music in 2013, it was just three songs, not even a full album, so the news that Passion Pit plans to release an album in 2015 should be great news to all. This past week they’ve been all over news sources with their two new releases, their album announcement, and Michael’s feature on Madeon’s latest single. Their album will be entitled Kindred, and will be released April 21 on Columbia Records.

Until the album’s release, they’ve treated us to two new singles, “Lifted Up (1985)” and “When the Sky Hangs.” Both of the tracks remind us of their 2009 album Manners. Both are upbeat songs that feature bright and poppy vocals with electric synths to match. We’re very happy with what we’re hearing and cannot wait for April 21.