Being a fan of watches, we couldn’t resist showcasing Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary and celebration. To commemorate this special event, Patek Philippe presented several limited-edition, rare handcrafted models that salute their artisanal skills. Patek Philippe, is an ultra-lux watch company founded in 1852 in Geneva Swizerland by Antoni Paatek and Adrien Philippe. According to many experts, they design and manufacture some of the finest and most complicated mechanical watches in the world.

Here are a few from the anniversary collection:

Patek Supp 1

Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime 5175

Chiming Jumping Hour 5275 

Patek Supp 2

Multi-scale Chronograph 5975

World Time Moon 5575

Hope you enjoyed the collection. It goes without saying owning a Patek Philippe is a rare, one of a kind timepiece that will be shown off for generations to come.