Instead of highlighting a certain artist this time, we’ve decided to cover an up-and-coming London based record label, PC Music. Their roster consists of: Lil Data, Danny L. Harle, Thy Slaughter, Kane West, GFOTY, Tielse, A.G. Cook, Lipgloss Twins, Hannah Diamond, Dux Content, Princess Bambi, and easyFun. 

PC Music is more than just a record label, it is a movement. Every artist on the roster is so musically unique. After listening to each artist’s catalogue, the first question that will come to your mind will be, “What exactly did I just listen to” You go back through and listen to songs at random, and it hits you. Everything is so out of this world, so weird, so odd, yet so perfect. Every song has one thing in common, they will lift your spirits, your attitude, your mind, and bring your life a little bit of happiness. Goofy, but well constructed musically, PC Music has the perfect formula.

PC Music is more than just music, it’s music reminds us that in life you don’t need to take everything quite so seriously. You cannot forget to live spontaneously and most importantly smile. Their entire roster combines samples from what sounds like 90’s pop, with futuristic electronic music and out of the world vocals. We’ve never heard something this unique, and are truly impressed with each and every artist.

We first heard Hannah Diamond’s “Pink and Blue,” over the summer and it made us laugh and appreciate how fun it was. Then after delving deeper into PC Music’s library and finding out more about them we struck gold. Their entire Soundcloud is full of their artists’ material, as well as random mixes that some of them have made. We recommend listening to Hannah Diamond’s “Pink and Blue,” as that’s what got us hooked, Dreamtrak’s “Odyssey Pt. 2 (A.G. Cook Remix)” and then choose anything at random. We’re sure that you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

Here’s a sampler playlist PC Music put together, featuring all of their artists!