playboyIn an ever evolving social world, one thing is always constant and that is change. In a surprising, or for some not so surprising turn of events, the ever sexy mens magazine, Playboy has decided to go in a completely different direction  and stop showcasing nude women.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Playboy

Playboy, who has set the example for the expression of personal sexual freedoms against a conservative American society for the past 62 years will focus on, well – cool articles. We’re sure for many men who always claimed they were just buying the magazine for the articles, this must come as a relief. But with easy access to porn and nude women and men for that matter pretty much at the click of a button, beginning March 2016 (Issues will hit stands in February), Playboy will be going non-nude.playboyWhen Playboy came out with its first issue at the end of 1953, they played a big role in the evolution of our society. At it’s height, they had over 7 million regular monthly readers, which has since fallen to around 800,000. Who doesn’t have memories of hiding a Playboy from your parents and showing it off to your buddies when you scored one, hoping no one would walk in on you when you were ‘ reading’ it. Playboy pushed boundaries that allowed individuals to have a comfortable space to express themselves that went beyond nudity and sex. Playboy was and is still a pioneer.

The transition didn’t just happen overnight. Playboy re-launched their website last year so that readers could safely view the site from anywhere including work, and the NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) warning no longer applied. Along with the change of times, came the change in readers’ interest, and it wasn’t solely on female nudes. With the want and need of quick info and good reads at your fingertips, readers have sought out articles and videos of humor, culture, style, nightlife, entertainment and of course sex.PLAYBOY2And guess what? It’s working after the re-launch the demographic has changed. The average age of readers went from 47 to just north of 30 and traffic increased from 4million to over 16million unique users per month according to the New York Times.

The transition can be argued, but the Playboy brand is staying true to themselves by taking risks and going against the grain. So if you ask yourself, what happens when they take nudity out, what more is there? We have a good idea, but you’ll have to sit back and answer that one yourself.