Ports 1961 FW16 Menswear

Ports 1961 Fall/Winter 2016 kicked things off with a rather eye catching opening performance from the world renowned Ukrainian ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin who launched the brand’s fall-winter 2016-2017  the collection and set the tone.

Story By: Nikolai K
Image By: Ports 1961

This collection is about strength and fragility with the blend of East meets West conceptual. Like his last collection Vukmirociv delivers the basic menswear staples mixed with a touch of androgyny which stay true to his theme.

Ports 1961 FW16 Menswear

Included in the collection are samurai-style layered skirts, oversize bomber jackets embellished with opulent embroideries, and slim pants decorated with Japanese-inspired motifs. The collection does include more commercially savvy options, such as color-blocked peacoats and suits.

It was Creative Director, Milan Vukmirovic’s third collection for Ports 1961. This collection is undeniably a more sophisticated collection compared to his previous designs for Port 1961. The key highlights of this collection are the Suits, bomber jackets and shirts are made in jacquards with patchworks of the aforementioned Japanese-style fabrics and other materials embroidered with bold motifs and prints.

Ports 1961 FW16 Menswear

Overall, Ports 1961 Fall/Winter Collection is one of the more memorable menswear collections we’ve seen. We are looking forward see all the streetsters rocking out these pieces like the red color blocked suits and coats.