Ports 1961 Spring/ Summer Collection takes us on a journey around the globe. For their newest collection, Creative Director Milan Vukmirovic designed an array of attire suited for the well-traveled man.

ports sup

In true Ports fashion, the entire collection speaks solely to their heritage. Milan made sure to keep youth in mind while designing each piece. This became apparent as surf boards and skate boards made their way down the runway. Active wear inspired tops and bottoms played perfectly together between the casual pieces in the collection.

The neutral tones allow it to feel organic with the muted tones being the perfect backdrop for pops of dark red, blue, brown and other colors along with a mixture of prints including stars and ethnic shapes and cool fabric choices combining influences from all around the world, which gives the collection a universal unity.

ports sup2

Shorts made a huge impact in the collection. The casual feeling of pairing a roomy pair of shorts with any look fit perfectly. Color blocking was made possible by using print and darker colors to make a bold statement. Silhouettes were kept simple and clean, which are perfect for any climate change.

Overall, its the small details that make Ports 1961 a knock out. The trend ready pieces and luxury quality undoubtedly make this collection powerful and a perfect example of top caliber menswear.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Tommy Ton Via Ports 1961