postmates delivery

On-demand services have become one of the things-to-do for the past few years, and is continuously evolving. Netflix is way past its DVD rental delivery days and has transformed into a video streaming powerhouse. Lyft and Uber have made taxis and limo services nearly non-needed with their accessibility, convenience and likability. But what about food on-the-go? Postmates is the answer to that.

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Images By: Postmates

postmates delivery

Think of Postmates as an Uber service for your food. If you live near, or are visiting one of the 40 major cities that Postmates services, you simply access their app and choose any restaurant your stomach desires. And in a matter of time, your food is at your door. This is the perfect option if your stuck in the office and really can’t afford to spare 15 minutes to leave your desk and grab some grub. With the postmates app, the food to come to you.

postmates delivery

Postmates has also announced Postmates Pop which guarantees your food to come within 15 minutes of order time. Once 11am hits, for a minimal service fee of $1.99, daily lunch specials can now be delivered to you. The company posted, “Rather than spending time traveling to a specific merchant location or waiting for the food to be prepared, Postmates drivers who participate in Pop, carry an inventory of freshly made items ready to be dropped off immediately.”

For now, Postmates Pop is being offered in the company’s hometown of San Francisco. But if all goes well, expect it to hit other metropolitan cities soon. For more info on how to get your food on demand visit