Prada tends to push the proverbial artistic envelope, when it comes to selling their products, but we expect nothing less from this fashion powerhouse. With their new collaboration with photographer, Autumn de Wilde, Prada sells an iconic creative vision, elaborating on their highly anticipated Galleria bags.

“I was given a blank page and permission to break from the traditional, commercial format that most brands use to advertise their bags,” said de Wilde in an interview with “Together, we agreed it was important to show how glorious it is to own a Prada bag rather than making it seem like a private club you can’t get into.”


The five short films universally identified as The Postman Dreams, starring Buddy Watson as the postman. Each video highlights a specific bag in Prada’s repertoire, combining hints of comedy, melodrama, and romance.

The vision of de Wilde is elegantly simple; the postman goes through a nonchalant everyday life envisioning the what-ifs in his surroundings, incorporating a viral Prada bag with the individuals he has passed on his everyday route.

Think of it as the perfect gift you can give to that special someone. And considering Mother’s Day is coming up, you’ll be ahead of the game.