Have you always wondered why no one had created a different experience other than a mouse, or finger slider keypad for your computer? Well thanks to the folks at Ontario based company Palette, they have. They’ve just released a new modular control interface that’s comprised of sliders, dials and cool buttons that slide together and make the experience of editing photos, a much more intuitive experience.

palette controller supp

According to Palette’s CEO Calvin Chu, “At Palette, we’re creating a new category of hardware and software offering flexibility of both form and function because we recognize that everyone works differently. We’re excited to see people use Palette’s hands-on controls to make interaction with your computer more natural and enjoyable.”

Palette’s new box of modular control interface tricks offers creative professionals a game-changing experience, that allows users to create a personalized experience that benefits from the speed and precision offered by a hands-on interface, according to Palette.
So get ready to rid yourself of your current one-size-fits-all mouse and keyboard and get ready to fully customize the layout, function and colour of each control module with the use of physical controls that allow users to engage with their work directly, improving workflow.

Today their hardware is all about photographers with plans to work their magic for musicians and video editors next.
If you want to get your hands on one, they have three kit sizes geared to starters, experts, and professionals starting at $199 and can be purchased here

Story By: Christian B
Images & Videos By: Palette