Norwegian producer/artist/songwriter Lido, just released his entire 2014 remix catalogue for download, and we can’t stop listening. 

The Scandinavian music scene is at its peak right now, and the it artist to take notice of currently is Lido. He’s started to turn heads over the last year with his remixes, and causing a commotion among record labels. One of his biggest remixes was of “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith, which caught Universal Music’s attention and they had him remove the original from his Soundcloud page. Luckily, the track is still up on Youtube, which is the only place to currently listen to this track, unless you download his collection.

On January 16, Lido went to his social media pages and announced his 2014 collection will be available for download on his website, but you’ll have to “play” for them. Instead of charging his fans, they must play the four notes shown on the piano, which when done correctly, will allow them to download his collection. We love what he did, as it’ll make people learn what notes are what on the piano, and might even influence them to begin playing piano, or making any sort of music.

Some of our favorites from the remix collection are of: Bastille’s “Bad Blood,” Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free,” MØ’s “Walk This Way,” and Zhu’s “Faded.”

With the announcement of the download being available for his 2014 collection, Lido also released a new song to start of 2015. Their song, “Slow,” is a flip of Jaden’s original track “Fast.” If the duo is planning to work more together on music in 2015, it’ll be a delight for all of us. Enjoy.