Up-and-coming Australian producer, Alêtro, releases his newest song “Bloom,” and takes us to another world. 

We found Alêtro on Soundcloud about a month ago when he released his track “Dark Sky” and blew us away. We didn’t know much about him at the time, and with a little time, we’ve gotten to know him a little more, and gotten to hear more of his catalogue. The 19 year old reigning from South Adelaide, Australia is back with his newest release, “Bloom.” He gets some help from his friend and fellow Australian producer, Michael Noicos.

With a song like “Dark Sky,” it’s hard to follow up with another great piece of art, but Alêtro found a way to do it this time. “Bloom” features somber melodies, eccentric vocals, and looming drops, that had us wanting more. We’re in love with his newest track, and cannot wait to hear what’s next from the young, talented producer. Listen to his newest single “Bloom” below, as well as his previous single “Dark Sky.”