As fashion continues to change and evolve, the boys of PSNY are still at the forefront of the movement. Combining the two shows to create a co-ed collection or going season-less, Public School is changing the game by presenting their 2017 spring/summer menswear and women’s resort collections off calendar.

Story By: Adonis Pierce
Images By: Public School

Unveiling their latest designs before the normal calendar date, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow call for new leaders in the 2017 season. The presentation was housed in a faux rundown factory with an assembly line set as the backdrop of the show. The main concept revolved around the designers seal WNL, which stands for “We Need Leaders”, and was stamped on the clothing and all throughout the collection. The military inspired clothing was kept in the same Public School style and color palate with pops of yellow. It was the ideal mixture of dystopian street-wear and high fashion.


Chow revealed, “The concept of the show really was just a reflection of the political landscape that’s happening not only here in the states but all around the world.” He explained, “Just this idea of false leaders and false icons that are being built up”. The show ended with a political demonstration by spray-painting “We Need Leaders” on stage.