In honor of Star Wars day, here’s a treat for all Star Wars fans, which include us.

Star wars x fighter

It’s every kids dream to fly on an X-Fighter alongside Luke Skywalker, or even jump on board the Millennium Falcon with Hans Solo as it’s captain. That childhood dream that was once just a fantasy, has come to life. Well, sort of. Japan’s, All Nippon Airways (ANA), commercial aircraft company has released designs for a new 787-9 Dreamliner Aircraft inspired by one of the most-influential and culture changing, film franchises ever.

Star Wars 3

Appropriately named, The R2-D2 Jet, the plane is designed and painted in white and blue along with other details to resemble the lovable droid, who has shown loyalty and courage throughout his many on-screen adventures.

Star wars2

ANA has been keeping this project under wraps, so there is no word yet on what destinations the plane will be flying to. With much anticipation, we haven’t been this excited since Darth Vader’s big reveal to Luke. The R2-D2 jet takes flight this Fall.

And as fellow Star Wars fans,  “May the Force Fourth be with you.”’

Supplemental Images via ANA, Star Wars