revo speakersystem

Hey Ferrvor Man, tune in and let the clear, crisp tunes pumping from the Revo SuperSystem fill your home. The stereo system takes amplifying music to a whole new level with the state-of-the-art capabilities, creating an ultimate music listening experience.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Revo Technologies

revo speakersystem

In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, one of its coolest specs is the UNDOK technology, which allows the stereo to wirelessly connect and music to be shared amongst other compatible devices via IOS and Android app. The Revo SuperSystem connects to music streaming services, such as Spotify, allowing music lovers to tap into millions of tracks at the touch of a button. It can also connect to over 24,000 internet radio stations.

revo speakersystem

Some of the external features include a built in USB connector to allow you to charge external devices. The wood trimmings with metal speaker grills provide a nice aesthetic to any home décor. The joystick allows user-friendly navigation of the digital screen display.

Check out and tune in at Revo Technologies for more details.