Revolights 1

Here at Ferrvor, we are all about functionality. Whether it’s tuning in with some of the best sound systems your ears have ever came across, styled to the tee in a comfortable, eye-popping outfit or laying back in luxury in an multi-functional yacht. We’re also ones who love functionality in our gadgets and tech, and when it can be incorporated with safety, that’s a big plus. Revolights Eclipse Connected Bike System serves just that.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Media By: Revolights

On the roads, there has always been the ongoing battle of bike vs car. Truth is, there has to be some common ground and safety is a big concern not only for bicyclists, but for anyone who hits the road. Revolights was created to increase visibility while biking at night. Sure, helmet lights and flashers may serve a bit of light, but that is not enough.


This is where Revolights Eclipse Connected Bike System comes up in a big way. Four rings of LED lights (red in the back and white in the front), are easily mounted in the front and back tires. In addition, the electronic design allows turn signaling capabilites which is controlled by the handle bars, as well as Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to your smartphone and lets you track your daily progress, even weather alerts.

With Revolights, safety is the priority but it is achieved in a very effective way. It is by far the most visible and functional bicycle system out now.