Step back into the Roaring ‘20s. An exciting era where Hollywood glam was all the rage and the aviation industry was taking flight. And in 1919, Hugo Junkers, created the Junkers F13,  which were the world’s first all-metal aircrafts, thus revolutionizing commercial air travel.

Topas Couple

Flash forward about 30 years, Richard Morszeck, used that innovative metal technology , to create the world’s most-lightweight suitcases. The grooved design featured the same material that was used on the aircrafts.

Topas Stealth pic

RIMOWA has released, A Journey Through Time, showcasing the luggage drawing inspiration from the F13 and all its 1920’s glory. Supermodels, Allesandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl, grace the pages looking very dapper and flapper. Check out the hardback lookbook on display in RIMOWA stores.

Limbo Carmona Red 1

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: RIMOWA