Ever imagined riding around in a sort of mystery machine? Well, that dream is making it’s way into the real world with the Nimbus Concept e-Car. Think mix between Scooby’s Van and something out of the future. This multiple-terrain vehicle is designed to tackle mean city streets and trips across the county.

Nimbus supp4

The power from The Nimbus Concept e-Car comes from within. In addition to a 130Kw electrical engine that works synchronously with a micro combustion generator, it is covered in solar panels allowing energy to regenerate naturally. Along with a Push-to-Start engine, the e-Car comes with selectable driving modes including Standard Trip, Energy Saver for shorter drives, Faster Cruise for long road trips and can reach speeds from 80-100 mph, and 4WD if you’re in need to tackle rocky or snow areas.

Nimbus Supp1

Built with carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, the Nimbus is super-lightweight, with comfortable seats. that will make you feel like you’re driving on a cloud. Optimal acceleration and braking, an automatic velocity system and hill-descent control add the final touches, ensuring a smooth ride. Wide windows throughout the cabin allow all passengers to enjoy panoramic views of their surroundings.

The Nimbus Concept e-Car features four fog lights, a pair of window wipers for the front and back screens to direct your vision for a safe drive. With side protection bars, six airbags, a back camera and obstacle detection you and your fellow passengers will feel that much more at ease. An anti-theft system keeps your belongings safe.

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The 7-inch touchscreen dashboard is completely removable, so your buddy’s in the passenger seat can control the sound system, GPS, interior lighting, Bluetooth, air conditioning and Internet browser. Two pairs of USB connectors and a 12V power connector were thrown in to eradicate your worries of dead cell phones. Additionally, the Nimbus has Wi-Fi capabilities so you and your passengers can stay in touch with the outside world while your trekking to your next destination.

While still a concept, we’re keeping our eyes out on a release date and will keep you informed when it’s announced.