Ferrvor robert pattinson Karl Lagerfeld dior homme

Robert Pattinson is no doubt a household name, whether you know him from the Twilight movie series, varies magazine covers or the face of Dior Homme.

Story By: Nicolai K
Image By: Dior Homme

Ferrvor robert pattinson Karl Lagerfeld  dior homme

Dior Homme has resurrected The Vampire actor for yet again another campaign shoot. It’s a union between Pattinson and the fashion/Photographer icon, Karl Lagerfeld to create the brand’s latest Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

Ferrvor robert pattinson Karl Lagerfeld dior homme

Karl Lagerfeld captures Pattinson in a Parisian night portraying the mysterious, highlighting the new Spring and Summer style. Lagerfeld shares with WWD that. “He, Pattison, is very easygoing and easy to photograph. But at the same time, there is something mysterious about him, which I love. His profile is the modern version of an antique coin.” Giving his input about the campaign’s location, Pattinson adds, “I’m always floored at the undeniable beauty of Paris. And at night in the alleys and the side streets, emptied of crowds, it’s almost more breathtaking.”Pattinson also mentions, “Contrasting shadows everywhere makes you look seem like a frame from a movie.”