In a matter of a few short years, Ryan Guzman went from small town kid to one of Hollywood’s freshest faces. Los Angeles was a place he moved to and before he knew it, he was living the dream. From inspiring-MMA fighter turned model, and now Hollywood actor, Ryan Guzman is on the rise.

With an addictive charm and good looks, Ryan has undeniably become more familiar in Hollywood. His lead roles include Step Up Revolution, Heroes Reborn, and most-notably in The Boy Next Door, alongside one of Hollywood’s A-List Actresses and beauties, Jennifer Lopez which let’s be honest, will get yah noticed.

Photographer: Kaleb Khu
Written By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Grooming: Taschi LynellMonica ReyesGladys Ramirez
Set Coordinator: Jasmine Sabagquit
Set Assistants: Briana DortonTony Madrid

Ryan joined the Ferrvor Team and got down at Dirty Laundry in Hollywood, for the latest shoot. And while there, we had a few minutes to ask the Sactown-native a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Ferrvor Magazine: Hey Ryan, so we want to know, tell us who Ryan Guzman is at heart?

Ryan Guzman: I am a loyal, hard working individual, and that is so because of the beautiful people I keep in my life.

FM: You’re in great shape, and I’m sure the ladies and guys will agree with that. How do you keep yourself motivated to hit they gym everyday?

RG: I take each day at a time, and when I get to the gym, I have one goal in mind. I try to find my mental limit and I try and break it. Each day I do so, these limits or walls get a little harder to find.

FM: That definitely takes some discipline. How about your days off? What do you like to do?

RG: It can range from lounging in bed all day, eating and reading myself back to sleep, to painting, drawing, writing, competing, dancing, and laughing. A LOT.


FM: We can see that. Had some good laughs on set today for sure. What’s your favorite type of food?

RG: ALL FOOD. I have a big appetite and I know how to use it.

FM: You have many talents including being an illustrator, what’s your favorite thing to draw?

RG: I like drawing whatever comes to mind. I let the blank paper itself give me the vision of whatever comes to mind.

FM: Your a witty guy. You fit in perfectly with the Ferrvor Team. Now, you moved from Sacramento. A small town, compared to the bright lights of Hollywood. What’s the most rewarding experience thus far in Hollywood?

RG: Working and living my passions.

FM: What’s a dream acting role for you?

RG: A role that will stretch the mind and allow myself to perceive the world through anothers’ eyes, while I learn the new intricacies that encompass the journey. I have no one role I want. I just want experiences and lessons.


FM: There is no doubt that the ladies love you. Do you see yourself as having sex appeal?

RG: I have never seen myself in that light. I am too focused on trying introspectively improve myself.

FM: Gotcha. What’s the most important quality to have in a girl?

RG: The quality of empathy or humor.

FM: What’s an ideal date for your to take your lady love?

RG: An ideal date to me is a lot laughter and a lot of fun. I do not care what we are doing, so long as both Laughter and fun can be experienced.

FM: Nice, we couldn’t agree more. How about, what’s your definition of being in love?

RG: The beauty of life amplified through the bond of shared passions.

FM: That’s beautiful. Let’s change the pace and talk fashion. Your go to style is?

RG: My style varies depending on what I’m feeling that day, but usually I just throw on what I think I like.


FM: What’s your closet look like after getting dressed for an event?

RG: My closet is a mess right now! I have way too many clothes, shoes, and hats.

FM: What are your three fashion must-haves?

RG: Depending on the weather, I would say nice jacket, good shoes, and a belt.

FM: Essentials indeed. What does it take to be a Hero in your eyes?

RG: Heroes are the few that stand up for the many in any way. A hero can also be a villain though, through opposing eyes. It is all about perception and intention.

FM: We’re a month into the new year, what are you goals for 2016?

RG: Take each day as it comes and progress in each field I so choose.

As the crew is wrapping up for the day, our interview comes to a close, and Ryan ends on this note. “Work with purpose. Work smart. Work hard. ‘Work with purpose,’ is simply because I only do things that I am passionate about or can get passionate about, so my ‘purpose’ becomes my passion. ‘Work Smart’ can be confusing because many think there is one path to your goal and you have to be smart to find it, when in actuality ‘working smart’ is finding the means to create your own path.”

Ryan Guzman || Behind the Scenes