Ryan Hemsworth, Canadian DJ and producer has just released his newest studio album, Alone For the First Time. In fact Hemsworth released his entire catalog via a Bit Torrent Bundle, in hopes the anticipation for his new album would grow, and he seems to have succeeded. His third studio album is a hit in the sea of 2014 electronic dance music DJ albums. Just this year, we’ve seen new releases from Porter Robinson, ODESZA, RAC, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Aphex Twin, Deadmau5, and Dillon Francis. Adding to this years collection is Ryan Hemsworth with an amazing album.

Ryan Hemsworth has been dominating the digital music scene, releasing remixes and reworks of alternative, indie, and other random hit records from the likes of Frank Ocean, Grimes, Kanye West, or Lorde and none disappoint. After re-releasing his entire discography online, then live streaming the album pre-release, the anticipation for this album has been high. Its finally here, and Alone For the First Time, takes us through a seven song adventure, leaving us lost in his creation.

The entire album is a must listen, but the standout songs from it are: “Snow in Newark,” “Surrounded,” and “By Myself.” These three were our favorites and here’s why:

“Snow in Newark:” This is the first single of the album, as the internet has been raving about this track since its early release. The percussion is the main feature in this track, and Hemsworth presents a large, complete sound. When the song softens up, the focus is clearly the vocals of Dawn Golden. Even in the most somber mood, the percussion matches and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

“Surrounded:” Featuring Kotomi & Doss, “Surrounded,” has hearts racing. Another percussion driven track, but the vocals creates this sense of urgency. Upbeat and driving drums followed by the repetitious lyric, “I need you,” has the heartbeat rising. But then what Hemsworth does next is a complete 180 and slows everything down, as if everything is resolved, and the sense of urgency is gone. Almost as if Hemsworth is with the one he wrote about as he is mapping out with his production.

“By Myself:” The final track features the vocals of Gtw and fellow producer Little Cloud. Gtw starts off the track with a mysterious intro over an eerie piano. This song sounds as if should belong in a video game from the 90s when you reach that new unknown dimly lit level. Gtw’s vocals on top of Hemsworth’s production is a nice combination, and reminded us a lot of A$AP Ferg’s feature with SBTRKT.

With a lot of competition in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene right now, Hemsworth offers a unique experience with Alone For the First Time. Ryan Hemsworth is an amazing producer and DJ, but on top of that he is a great story teller, and that’s what makes this album a must listen.