Ryan Hemsworth doesn’t only make exciting new music, but he also discovers it. His ‘Secret Songs’ collection is a hand picked collection of a few of the next upcoming electronic artists. 

Ryan Hemsworth released Alone for the First Time in 2014, and was one of our favorite albums of the year. His newest project consists of discovering new artists and songs and making a playlist/mixtape of these ‘secret songs’ under his Secret Songs label. The Soundcloud page for the label has posted mainly singles, but also a few mixtapes.

The first collection was on the mixtape entitled, shh#ffb6c1, which anyone familiar with color codes on computer will know this stands for the color pink. Each song on this playlist is very upbeat, playful, and joyous. Ryan Hemsworth not only found ten new artists to promote, but he was able to find ten new artists that were able to convey something great through their music and into our headphones.

Hemsworth also just released another new playlist on the Secret Songs Soundcloud on the 20th with a completely different vibe. It’s entitled, shh#000000, which is the code for the color black. What is most synonymous with the color black? Darkness, emotion, mysteries, and confusion. And once again, Hemsworth delivers another playlist with eleven new artists all expressing these emotions through their work.

It’s clear that Ryan Hemsworth is not only a musician, but a fan of music. He is always co-signing a new artist, spreading their music, sharing his experience, hoping that someone else will appreciate it as much as he has. If he continues his effort with this series, it most likely will be the start of a career for some great unknown artists. And if he keep this passion for what he loves, we expect another album or mixtape of his own, that might even trump his 2014 release, Alone for the First Time.