The french luxury brand made their 2016 Fall/Winter debut at The Palladium in Los Angeles, and they brought down the house. It was a star packed affair as everyone rushed to find there way into the eventful night.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Saint Laurent

Creative Director Hedi Slimane has been transforming Saint Laurent since his start in 2012. As of late, their have been rumors stating that Slimane may be leaving Saint Laurent, but that didn’t stop him from putting on an electric show. It was a true rock’n roll event, in all forms. We could see there wasn’t any shortage of layers. Band Jackets, coats and blazers capped the models. Fringe details and lavish embroideries paired well with the metallic colors and rich color hues. As always, skin tight denim was seen all throughout. All the clothing spoke in true rock’n roll fashion, and we couldn’t be anymore in awe.


There was no subtlety here, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from Saint Laurent. See the entire show down below.