SBTRKT, a London producer and musician, has mainly been known for his collaborations with Little Dragon and Sampha, but is ready to make a name for himself. Aaron Jerome just released his second studio album, Wonder Where We Land, and is hoping to make more of a name for himself.

Each track is so unique because of the features he brings to the table, and even the multiple songs he has with Sampha or Raury sound different from one another. This is one of the most complete albums that’s been released in a while. Jerome is currently embarking on a world tour playing songs from his new album, as well giving the audience an unforgettable performance.

Concert go-ers have put the lighting and visuals at SBTRKT shows on point with those of Flying Lotus and Calvin Harris. He is known for matching his songs to specific colors, to better match the mood of each song and combining that with a dry ice smog to further enhance the atmosphere.

Here are some of our favorites from the new album Wonder Where We Land:

“Higher” ft. Raury – The most anticipated song on the album, featuring new and upcoming artist Raury, starts with crickets chirping. But seconds into it, we hear what we’ve been waiting for after seeing the two would be working together. Raury’s vocals come soaring in, making you want to sing along. It’s one of those songs that will make you feel amazing, no matter your current mood. Raury sings and raps throughout the song over a very simple drums. Even though the drums are simple, it’s definitely not a bad thing. It allows for Jerome to take the production of the vocals to a whole new level. Whenever the hook enters, there is a plethora of sounds behind his voice, that aren’t overbearing, but are mixed at the perfect levels. It literally takes us higher and higher after each listen.

“Temporary View” ft. Sampha – One of the six songs featuring Sampha on the album, and this one tops the rest. Orchestral synths mellow out this song where you can sit and soak in the music. Then in comes Sampha’s smooth and soulful vocals. The combination of the synths with his vocals is perfect. Even when the song gains traction and power towards the end of the song, Sampha makes sure he doesn’t over sing, and to still focus on the sincerity of his tone.

“NEW DORP. NEW YORK.” ft. Ezra Koenig – Ezra Koenig, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, jumps on board to complete the odd song Aaron Jerome created. This song is out there. Listeners can’t grab hold on a specific melody or riff anywhere in this song. The vocals aren’t as smooth and soulful as Sampha’s. But that’s who Koenig and Jerome are. They hold true to their personalities on this song, and the production of the percussion was our favorite part and the most consistent part of this song. The bass and the shakers come out prevalent over the rest of the kit without being overbearing. This is a very odd song, but yet still very fun and quirky in many ways.

“Problem (Solved)” ft. Jessie Ware – This is probably the best composed song on the album. Jessie Ware, fresh off her sophomore album Tough Love, joins forces with Jerome, and the two of them show the world how genius they are. The two go from high energy and emotion to very soft and intimate. When the emotion and energy comes back, nothing is over done, but Jerome made sure to keep the heart of the mix in Ware’s vocals, followed by the keys that enhance her voice.

“Voices in my Head” ft. A$AP Ferg, Warpaint – The intro to this song sounds like signals and communication from outside worlds. You’ve seen T.V. shows or movies where the characters try to communicate with aliens, and you remember the noises, right? Well imagine that in the intro, mixed to a large and full sounding drum kit. The song breaks down to almost silence, where A$AP Ferg joins in, and makes it more intimate. Who would’ve though A$AP Ferg and the word intimate could be used in the same sentence? Soon the synths that Jerome has perfected return to the song, never losing the full sounding drums propelling the song along.

Give the whole album a listen for yourself, and let us know what your favorites were.

Sbtrkt – Wonder Where We Land