Growing up as the only boy in his family of five, Scott Michael Foster, leads his life much like that of his lead character “Wick Briggs,” in the ABC television series Blood & Oil: keeping it simple and trying to live better.

“I don’t necessarily see him as the villain, he doesn’t always make the right choice but in his mind he’s a guy trying to be better,” said Foster, when asked how he prepares for his antagonist role.

Story By: Christopher Ho
Images By: Matt Clayton

With a few reoccurring roles in Californication, Law & Order and even Once Upon a Time, Foster’s main claim to fame, arrived as an original cast member of Greek, an ABC family series favorite that garnered several million viewers, pushing it through four seasons from 2007 to 2011.

Ferrvor Magazine Scott Michael Foster

Foster and the other cast members were all very green –in age and experience– when they began the show. Yet it taught them a lot about how to work professionally, as well as developing interpersonal skills with coworkers; on and off the set. Personally for Foster the “invaluable experience,” has helped shape his mature, yet casually simple demeanor today.

With regards to his future dream role, Foster simply and candidly said he doesn’t have one, “I just want to do good work with good people.”

Ferrvor Magazine Scott Michael Foster

The same perception is evident in his taste in fashion; a classic suit and tie. For him, good fashion means pragmatism: having a few great reliable pieces that are versatile, and can work with any outfit.

When it comes to women and cars though –Foster has neither a preference– for foreign or American, citing that he still doesn’t know enough about them to claim a side.

This general ambivalence possibly stems from one of his favorite holiday memories as a child. Opening presents one Christmas morning to discover a new Nintendo N64, Foster was ecstatic. However that joy was short-lived, as Foster later discovered that it was rented from Blockbuster, which meant he had to return it at the end of the lease, he recalls chuckling to himself.

Ferrvor Magazine Scott Michael Foster

While the cast of Blood & Oil “is the most talented,” Foster has ever worked with; there’s speculation that even the talent might not keep the show from getting the plug pulled. Even so Foster, along with the rest of the cast find time to delight in the perks of shooting in Utah. On the weekends they frequently find themselves exploring the gorgeous “natural awesomeness,” as described by Foster.

Ask anyone who has gone to karaoke with Foster, and they will tell you that he has some powerful pipes on him. That, and his tenacious go-to song will undoubtedly be “This Love,” by Maroon 5. “I did musical theatre throughout my education and sang in a band for awhile,” said Foster, admitting that he would like to take part in Broadway sometime, but doesn’t have any plans as of now.

Ferrvor Magazine Scott Michael Foster

For now, going into the new year, Foster only has plans to play with his dogs and go to the gym during his time off the set. Aside from that, there is a possible road trip across the US next year that has his ears perked.

Concluding the interview, we ask Foster what his motto for life is. Sheepishly, he looks confused. “Moto?” He jokes facetiously, correcting us as if to reference his Triumph Thruxton motorcycle. He straightens up, and gives us the look that translates to: keep it simple, stupid; and again with the sheepish grin he simply says, “Do stuff, do stuff all day.”