You’ve heard it before, ‘golf is simple’, it’s a boring game, where else can you take a metal club and swing at a little white ball while you stroll around all-day along green lawns and sand dunes? Not much to it right? Well, if this is your mindset on the classic sport, it’s time to clear it out.

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Golf is rooted back to the time of Julius Caesar and China’s Sony Dynasty, but how the game is played today, is thanks to the Scotish.


As a leading manufacturer for athletic wear designed athletes all over the world, it’s no surprise that Nike has taken the reigns to provide golfers the ultimate comfort and support on the green. The Nike Lunar Bandon 3 offers support in all-conditions whether it’s rain, shine or if you’re ankle deep in a water-filled bunker. Reminiscent of the Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove back in 1998, the Lunar Bandon 3 has a weatherproof upper and toe cap, and sports six spike along the bottom sole for traction and grip for those slipper situations. Need to air out and unzip? No problem, because you can unzip the upper layer, exposing a camo pattern, and who doesn’t love camo?

nike lunar bandon 3, nike, nike golf, golf, all-weather

And although it looks like a heavy boot, the Nike Lunar Bandon 3 is a lightweight shoe that features Lunarlon technology that provides all-day cushion and comfort. As Nike Golf’s Design Director of Footwear, James Arizumi, explains, “This shoe was designed for the toughest and most dedicated golfers who play in unpredictable conditions.  With that in mind, I wanted to focus on the interior of the shoe and design it to be insanely comfortable even in the harshest weather, like sweatpants for your feet on a cold and rainy day. Simply put, the Bandon 3 was designed so that the exterior upper takes care of the weather while the interior is built to take care of your feet.”

The Nike Lunar Bandon 3 is now available.

Story By: Jasmine Sabagquit
Images By: NIKE