Swedish artist, Seinabo Sey, releases her long awaited EP, For Madeleine. This six track EP gives us a taste of what we can expect from her future album. 

Seinabo Sey, one of the many success stories from Stockholm, Sweden, released her For Madeleine EP at the end of 2014 and we want more. The EP has been in our rotation of new albums and after many listens we can say it is one of our favorites.

Her hit single “Younger” grabbed the attention of many, but the rest of this EP is what is going to build a career for the young artist. It doesn’t hurt when Kygo remixes your hit single, converting his fans into new fans for Seinabo. On Soundcloud, her original version of the track has near 800K listens, whereas the Kygo remix drew over 11 million listens. Personally, we like the original more, as its orchestration is outstanding, but the Kygo remix does give the song a fun-Caribbean sound.

The opening song on the EP, “Hard Time,” Seinabo tells a story about a failing relationship which she cannot forgive her lover for the pain and distress she endured. This is one of the darker songs on the EP, but the interesting part is the percussion and instrumentation gives off a vibe that keeps on going, as if its motivating Seinabo to keep on going despite the struggles.

“Pistols At Dawn,” opens up with a full composition but then quickly strips itself down to just the vocals and hi hat. Slowly the piano returns to the song, and the emotions are at their peak. The additional vocals layered into the background have the perfect amount of reverb as if its a voice in the distance. The production on this song combines elements from hip-hop, electronic, pop, and southern rock, and creates this one of a kind track.

Our favorite song on the EP, “You,” starts off with just Seinabo’s vocals, layered on top of one another and distorted, almost robotic. The first time we heard this intro, the hairs on our arms stood up. She rids the distortion on her voice and shows she is using it for a purpose, and when the chorus comes in, she shows off her angelic voice. The harmonies on this song, whether Seinabo’s multiple vocal tracks, or her just humming them in the background, help make this song feel even more complete than it already is.

“River,” is the most complete song on the album. She takes an element from each of the previous songs and somehow puts them all together to create a genius masterpiece. She plays with harmonies, almost creating a church choir, and puts in in the background. The piano playing is mysterious, yet beautiful. She plays with dead space and distance, reecreating the atmosphere that you’re listening within. She shows off her vocal range, stepping up the ladder into the higher registers, puts an emphasis on the hi hat again, and places sirens(or maybe cries for help) in the distance. This song is one of a kind, and it most certainly years ahead of its time.

Listen to the For Madeleine EP below, and let us know what you think!