China’s Shanghai City is located in the country’s central coast, and is a global financial hub with businessmen from all over traveling and settling into municipal area making worldwide deals left and right. Being, the second biggest country in Asia, China holds more wonders than one can imagine.


If you make your way to the western suburbs of Shanghai City, you’ll find the Songjiang District. It is home to the famous ‘Jiufeng sanmao-nine peaks and three rivers,” where the Tianma and Heng Mountains reside. The two create a 100m deep, 240m long and 160m wide quarry pit, that also forms an inner lake. This natural, scenic environment is where the five-star, Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel will soon rise.


The design was created to give guests a closer appreciation of the natural scenery that Songjiang has to offer. Instead of looking at it from a distance, the “forest, mist, water and stone,” are seen up close and personal, as the hotel is placed at the center of it all.

shanghai 2

Be ready to mark your calendars and check in, as the Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel will soon be open later this year.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Atkins Global