The new 007 film, Spectre, is coming our way in 2015. As a way to pay tribute to the world’s most iconic international spy, James Bond, the Ferrvor team has chosen our favorite suit looks from the the past few films.

Ferrvor Mag 007- Skyfall

The suits worn by Bond Men, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, reflect a classicism that is sharp, clean and before its time, just like the Ferrvor Man of today. Not only did the Bond men set fashion standards, they also created a classic look that would continuously be known and revered for it’s incomparable style.

Ferrvor Mag 007 P1

Bonds suits are always in fashion thanks to the designers we have come to admire today who designed them, Brioni and Tom Ford. Both designers are highly recognized and set themselves apart from other designer suits. With their exceptional construction and immaculate lines, these suits are made to perfection.

Ferrvor Mag 007 p2

James Bond suits were always known for being the best of the best, showcasing top craftsmanship. Men have always aspired to have that sexy, clean and fashion forward look that they had seen time after time in the classic Bond movies.

1123220 - Skyfall

The Ferrvor Man always is part of the innovative fashion cycle, and represents great style and taste. His status as a trend setter and fashion expert is the utmost importance to him as that’s what James Bond suits were about.

1123220 - Skyfall

The suit was all part of the Bond package so to speak, along with the iconic 007 Aston Martin car, his timepiece and equipment. It created a status for the suits we see on the runways. We all know the right suit can up a man’s game, and the Ferrvor Man always exudes to be of high stature.