sitskie furniture

Walking through an IKEA store has become somewhat of a favorite past time for some people, looking for new and improved ways to decorate and furnish their personal living quarters. However for others, the idea of walking through the maze-like furniture warehouse that never ends, is more like a long road of torture. If you’re not a fan of following A-B-C instructions on how to put your furniture pieces together, we found a great choice furniture collection for you.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Sitskie Furniture Company

Los Angeles-based, Sitskie Furniture Company, led by principal designer and craftsman, Adam Friedman, is one furniture company you have to check out. Their pieces are made from quality, solid domestic hardwood, that are also grown responsibly and FSC Certified. In regards to what he wants his clients to experience, Adam says, “I really want to give people something new, something they haven’t seen before – not a trend or a translation of something prior.   I like to design stuff that’s cool and that will last and continue to look good.”

sitskie furniture

In the early 2000s, Adam began designing, The Block System, which is now a patented seating surface innovation. The Block System is designed to give you a “soft comfortable experience while keeping all the benefits of a solid surface – durability, cleanliness and the beauty of the solid material, in this case wood.”

sitskie furniture

Since their official launch in 2012, the Sitskie Furniture Company has become a fresh face in the world of furniture, with their high-quality products, innovation and attention to detail. Get back to furniture that suits your needs and lasts for years to come.

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