Lomography is a photographic image style and an analog camera movement and community facilitated by The Lomographic Society International. Lomography started as an art movement in which students put on exhibitions of photos within Vienna; the art movement then developed into a commercial enterprise. Now celebrating 20 years comes the release of the Lomo LC-A+ 20th Anniversary Edition 35mm Camera.


The culture of Lomography was created by chance. In 1992, Austrian student photographers came across the tiny, Saint Petersburg Russian LOMO LC-A camera. What they discovered was that the camera allowed for unique, high-contrast, colorful photos. This was perfect for arts-inspired, college kids who could take the lightweight camera around town and snap away to create cool, unique, experimental images. This grew to be one of the most successful styles and communities in photography, and now the biggest analog camera producer in the world.

Twenty years later, the Lomo LC-A+ 20th Anniversary Edition, will be limited to 1000 units. Each camera will have it’s own serial number and certificate assuring the authenticity of your special collectors item. The art theme carries over with an avant-garde, electric blue-stamped croc pattern made from real leather.

Don’t miss out on the commemorative piece from one of the most iconic pieces in photographic history.